Summer wraps with Teddy Bear Sausage


Wash the cucumber, cut it in half lengthways, remove the seeds and cut into sticks. Clean and wash the radishes, halve them and slice them. Cut the spring onions in half lengthways, wash them thoroughly and chop them finely. Peel and quarter the apple, removing the core, and then slice thinly. Coarsely grate the gouda. Chop the chives. Quarter the Teddy Bear sausage slices.

Mix the mustard, honey, lemon juice and rapeseed oil together to form a dressing, then season with salt and pepper. Mix the cucumber, radishes, spring onions, apple, chives and Teddy Bear sausage through the honey and mustard dressing. Leave the salad to rest for 20 minutes.

In the meantime, mix the crème fraiche with pesto and season with salt and pepper. Warm the tortilla wraps as per the instructions. Halve the tortilla wraps and top with salad, stopping 1 cm from the edge. Fold in the bottom edge of the tortilla wrap and then roll tightly from the side. Fold napkins around the wraps or place them in small paper bags and arrange them in glasses. Serve with the pesto crème fraiche.


Preparation time: 40 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Ingredients for 4 persons
1/2 gCucumber
200 gRadish
1 bunchShallots
1 pcsSharp apple
100 gSemi-mature Gouda
160 gTeddy Bear Sausage
2 tspMustard
1 tspHoney
Lemon juice
4 tblRapeseed oil
2 tblCrème fraiche
2 tspBasil pesto (ready-made, in a jar)
4 pcsSmall tortilla wraps (ready-made)


Try varying the filling by adding sweet corn and mushrooms. Just yummy!

Ingredients for 4 persons
1pcsSharp apple
100gSemi-mature Gouda
160gTeddy Bear Sausage
Lemon juice
4tblRapeseed oil
2tblCrème fraiche
2tspBasil pesto (ready-made, in a jar)
4pcsSmall tortilla wraps (ready-made)

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